Freshasia Foods - The winner of Bexley Business Excellence Awards

Date: 28/06/2019 15:39:59

Freshasia Foods, the winner of Made or Assembled in Bexley 2019

Winning the Bexley award 2019 was an incredibly amazing milestone for us at Freshasia not least because it marked the 10th year since both our founding and since we have been part of the Bexley community. We, at Freshasia, are all very excited to continue working and investing in Bexley as we continue to grow in the future.

We believe the Awards provide many fantastic opportunities to bring the business community and local area together allowing us all to share ideas, foster similar values and help inspire and forge new business arrangements.

Since winning the award, Freshasia has established positive and firm relationships with local businesses while several high street brands have approached us to seek out new partnerships. This is, in no small part, due to the exposure that winning the award has given the company. We believe this will lead to more incredible opportunities for Freshasia to grow and invest in the local area.